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Welcome to my website. There are many reasons why it is good to have a web presence from wanting to provide accurate information on oneself to showcasing ones accomplishments. I decided this would be a good way to provide details on what I am currently working on from works of art to app development or the latest project. Enjoy your visit to my website.

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Arts And Crafts

As an artist, I am always creating new works of art that include ceramics, photography, painting, sculpture, and more. The following are images from my collection.

Works Of Art





Ceramics Tea Cup Fancy One Photography Lizzard On A Rock Painting Acrylic Face Of A Lady Sculpture Clay Self-Portrait
Ceramics Clay Sculpture Photography Cactus Flower Painting Acrylic Glass Beads Sculpture Wire Marilyn
  • The project on the top was created as one in a set of four. I utilized slump mold processes for the main cup, then hand formed the handles and all the elements and details. I applied underglaze before bisque firing, then a thick clear coat of glaze was applied before firing to Cone 10. It took multiple sittings to complete this piece. I plan to create additional teacups to add to this series or collection.1
  • The project on the bottom was created using a coil method and etching technique to create the fine details. I used a brush to apply different colors of stain to enhance the details and a clear coat of glaze in a spray booth to cover the entire piece and add a glossy protective coat.2
  • The photo on the top Lizard On A Rock was taken in the state of California.3
  • The photo on the bottom Cactus Flower was taken in the state of California.4
  • The painting on the top was created in my own style that I call Mushin Art. It is an application of black paint on a white canvas background. I continue applying paint until the objects form a complete image. For more information on my art form, visit
  • The painting on the bottom was created by using a selection of glass beads to create the layout for this piece. The basic pattern was sketched onto the canvas to allow for correct placement of the paint in the desired areas and paint was layered until the image was complete.6
  • The sculpture on the top was chosen by art department professors for inclusion in a student art show. It was created using basic forms such as cylinders for the neck, ovals for the head and a rectangle for the shoulder area. After the basic shape was formed, I molded, carved and shaped the desired form over a period of months for several hours at a time. This allowed the piece to slightly dry, yet stay malleable over a long period of time to allow additions to the material. I then carved out the excess clay to hollow out the interior for firing. This piece was left in the bisque firing stage to allow for a more natural clay look and texture.7
  • The sculpture on the bottom was designed as I wanted to create a dress from recycled rabbit fencing wire that would look like a draped material. I used found wire from the yard and after hand-molding the shape, cutting and tying a ruffled piece, I sprayed it with white glossy spray paint to give it what can only be described as a Marilyn touch of class.8

Photography Details
  1. Clay - Teacup "Fancy" - 2014
  2. Clay - Sculpture - 2009 - 10" x 12"
  3. Season: Summer, Year: 2015
  4. Season: Winter, Year: 2015
  5. Acrylic - Face Of A Lady - 2003 - 9" x 12"
  6. Acrylic - Glass Beads - 2012 - 8" x 10"
  7. Clay - Self Portrait - 2009 - 12" x 13"
  8. Wire - Marilyn - 2012 - 20" x 47"
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Art Maker Buggies World Classic Guitar Tab Photo Cards
Mobile Sketch Artist Cycle Rider FX Sounds Photo Frames


I write songs and compose music in a variety of genres. My musical taste ranges from classical to country to classic rock and more. Instruments I play include the guitar and piano with plans to learn more instruments in the future.
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